What makes the best reusable swim nappy?

Theres nothing I love more that taking my babes to the beach to make sandcastles and play about in the waves. For me, the fact that I have my children with me give me the freedom to allow my own inner child to shine through and temporarily escape while I build that gigantic sandcastle and frolic carelessly in the waves…

Then there’s the flip side to kids at the beach, or pool for that fact. There’s nothing I hate more than seeing a little beauty donning a disposable swim nappy (insert vomit face here!) You know what I’m talking about! But in case you don’t, let me paint a picture!

Saggy plastic bum hanging low between the knees bouncing around like a sack of soggy wet toilet paper, with what looks like running stains of something brown attempting (with ease) to escape.

Dry reaching yet? I used to be the parent-less bystander at the beach wondering what the hell was going on and knowing all too well that whatever that child was releasing into the nappy was DEFINITELY NOT being contained!

Now that I am a parent, I know better. I know that there are options. Options that not only take away the unsightly view of a saggy bum, I know there’s an option that looks divine, saves me money and is INCREDIBLY functional!

As a parent, I want to go to the beach or pool with the confidence in knowing that my child isn’t going to embarrass me in front of the known and unknown beach goers. I want to be child-like with them, fancy free without a care.

So, shall we talk reusable swim nappies? With many to choose from let’s look at why Earthside Eco Bums takes the worry out of accidents and has the best reusable swim nappy for you.

Our reusable swim nappies have been designed specifically for play in and out of the water. With each consisting of a waterproof PUL outer layer and an inner mesh layer which dries fast for ease of cleaning and comfort.

The single gusset leg elastics are devised to fit snug with the aid of rise snaps specifically designed to catch any woopsies your baby may output during some fun in the sun.


The outer PUL layer is both breathable AND waterproof (thanks to its unique weaving fabric) preventing solid nasties from escaping the constraints of the nappy. This means that their wees will actually pass through the nappy as they are not designed to contain liquid (we are in water after all and disposables don’t hold liquid either).

When it comes to cleaning reusable swim nappies, its actually really quite simple and easy! You simply take the nappy off, plop the poo into the toilet, rinse the nappy and put it into the washing machine! This is why reusable swim nappies are such a fantastic option!

One of the great things about EEB reusable swim nappies is the fact that they are One Size Fits Most! The side snapping feature allows you to tailor the fit to your babies waist and groin while the rise snaps assist in ensuring a firm fit. This means they can fit from Newborn right through to your toilet training toddler! Didn’t I mentioned before that our reusable swim nappies are not only incredibly functional but will save you money?

So, why are Earthside Eco Bums OSFM reusable swim nappies the best option for you?

Ultimately it comes down to a personal choice, but if I’m honest in all my time as a consultant I’ve not come across a single parent who has gone back to a disposable swim nappy after realising just how amazing, well fitting, cheaper, comfortable, worry free and EASY reusable swim nappies can be! It’s a no brainer! Oh and did I mention that they look STUNNING!!

Just in case you weren’t paying attention, here’s a quick list outlining why you need to make the switch… yesterday.

  • Cheaper - You don’t have to keep purchasing reusable swim nappies. Just one OSFM reusable swim nappy with do.
  • They actually contain solid accidents!
  • Eco-friendly- no more saggy plastic heading into landfill!
  • Better for Bub- Not just for the environment, these soft, comfy, chemical free reusable swim nappies are the safer choice for your Babe.
  • Travel- Why carry around a bag full of plastic nappies when you can find the space for one little reusable swim nappy?

Need I say more? It’s pretty clear to me which swim nappy option is the best choice for me and my Bub! Why not share the word, I hear they make amazing gifts! Shop our One Size Fits Most Swim Nappy Collection today.

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