Make a Pledge for Earth Day

Make a Pledge for your chance to WIN a swim nappy and wet bag combo in your choice of print!

Been meaning to switch from plastic straws and haven't had a chance? It's OK, we UNDERSTAND! Life is BUSY! Many people don't act because they feel that their change is not enough, or that they should be doing more. This judgement STOPS TODAY! Start small and take pride in your contribution, because here at Earthside Eco Bums we celebrate EVERY effort and know that Together, we can make a real difference! After all, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Well said Confucious!

Here is a list of 4 easy ways to make a pledge for Earth Day. Which one will you choose? Make your pledge in the blog comments for your chance to win a swim nappy and wet bag combo in your choice of print. The winner will be announced on Earth Day Thursday April 22nd!

PLEDGE IDEA #1 - Pick up litter

One person CAN make a difference. That mountain we mentioned earlier? Think of every piece of litter removed from the environment counting towards removing our Earths rubbish mountains! Individual (or family) clean ups are an effective way to make an immediate impact on your local environment. Pledge to spend one hour picking up litter in your favourite park, beach or walking trail.

PLEDGE IDEA #2 - Replace one single use item in your household

Start in your wet areas! These are often the easiest places to make a substantial change that won’t take much of your time! Take a look around your kitchen, your laundry and your bathroom - how many single use items do you use? Is there just one that you can replace with a reuasable item?

Here are some examples of easy, low-cost reusable replacements:

  • Replace single use plastic straws with reusable stainless steel straws.
  • Replace baking paper with reusable silicone baking mats.
  • Replace disposable makeup pads with reusable cotton makeup pads (Our breast pads work a treat for this!)
  • Replace plastic pegs with stainless steel pegs (Repurpose your plastic pegs! Add them to the craft box for your children to decorate)
  • Replace disposable nappies with reusable, washable swim nappies for safe, contained swim times.

    PLEDGE IDEA #3 - Pack your reusable coffee mug in your bag

    Australians throw away over a billion disposable coffee cups per year. If you like to enjoy a coffee when you're out and about, set your alarm to remind yourself to pack your reusable coffee mug before you leave the house in the morning. Choose a responsible cafe that allows you to purchase your coffee, and have it made in your own cup. For a 1-coffee-a-day drinker, this has a huge impact with one individual saving over 350 cups from landfill each year!

    PLEDGE IDEA #4 - Swap a drive for a walk or ride

    For every litre of petrol used in a motor vehicle, an average of 2.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2), is released into the atmosphere*. What is the shortest drive you complete regularly? Can you tackle this on foot or on a bicycle? Start small, commit to one swap - you might find it becomes a habit! Google Maps is a great tool to calculate how much extra time you'll need for the walk so that you can plan the night before. Simply enter your destination and change the calculation from drive to walk. Every walk or ride you take in place of using your car can save kilos of CO2 emissions. To quote our mate Sir David Attenborough, “If I can bicycle, I bicycle”.

    *Source BP Calculator


    Can you pledge your commitment to any of these 4 simple acts of green?

    Share your pledge in the comments below before April 22nd for your chance to WIN a Swim Nappy and Double Pocket Premium Wet Cag combo! In your choice of print! Winner will be announced on Earth Day, Thursday 22nd April 2021. From Earth Day onward, it's up to all of us to meet the promise we made!

    Start your comment with "I pledge to...." and finish it with the date you will complete it by. You can view our own Earthside Eco Bums pledges in the comments as well :) 

    Note! We do not store, use or share your email address, nor will it be published with your comment. This field just helps us prevent the spammy web robots from joining in with advertising comments!

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    I pledge to be a cloth nappy advocate in my small community. Only 12 weeks in and feel amazing about my journey ahead reducing waste, and enjoying my delightfully chunky cloth bum girl. I also pledge to be more thoughtful in my gift giving- only buy what people truly need, otherwise a homemade gift with love. My final pledge is to look for second hand baby items before buying new to help break the cycle

    Courtney April 19, 2021

    I pledge that i I will try and use reusable breast pads rather than disposable. I have also recently converted to using cloth wipes for nappy changes and I would like to try and convert the husband to doing the same instead of disposable wet wipes.

    Sam April 17, 2021

    I pledge to use cloth nappies for the first time with my new bubs instead of disposable. Im so excited to give this ago! Due may 20th!!!
    I also pledge to only use reusable coffee cups or forgo my favourite drink if I dont remember to bring it. Starting today!!!

    Rebecca April 15, 2021

    I pledge to stop buying disposable plastic bags. I buy snack bags and plastic bags to store meat in the freezer. By April 30 I will no longer buy any more disposable bags and instead use my existing snack boxes and source some reusable silicone bags to store my meat.

    Kristen April 14, 2021

    I pledge to spend an hour cleaning up our local beach. We already use mostly reusable products, but picking up rubbish is a great way to teach the kids about caring for the environment.
    Great initiative!

    Amy April 14, 2021

    I pledge to swap out baking paper and makeup wipes, I already have my own breastpads so no excuse to make a batch for makeup, and baking paper I need to do more research for earthier options ! And single use zip lock bags I don’t use many but they are great for camping to store dinners in in the freezer

    Mel Fournier April 14, 2021

    I pledge that we will use reusable cups every time we get coffee- so that’s a lot! 😂 not only will I make the change but so will my daughter!
    I’d have loved to pledge for the rubbish but we already do that :D

    Daniella April 14, 2021

    I pledge to get my daughter to use these awesome eco nappies by the 22nd with her new bub and wow thought using baking paper was a good thing so i now pledge to replace it with a more friendly choice

    Mim April 14, 2021

    I pledge to walk to the park and the library! It’s only 1km so I really have no excuse.

    Lori Killen April 14, 2021

    Hi everyone! Cass here from Earthside Eco Bums!

    Confession, I drive to my local IGA, it’s 1.2km’s away. Every time I jump in the car I think about how nice it would be to ride there. Not only would I reduce my car usage, I’d get some fresh air and some activity at the same time. I just Googled mapped it and it’s a 5 minute ride, so definitely doable amongst a busy day!

    I pledge to ride my bike to my local IGA instead of use my car, on my next grocery top up before 30th April! I think this might kick off a great little habit :)

    Cassy April 13, 2021

    Hey Guys! Sara from Earthside Eco Bums here!

    I am the FIRST to say that I am NOT perfect! There is plenty of room in my life for sustainable change and being part of the Earthside Eco Bums journey is only supporting me in recognising what I can change in my crazy busy life AND sustain it easily!

    So, I pledge to swap out those horrible cups my kids use when we indulge in babychinos! I have my own keep-cup so it’s not a stretch to achieve this one! and I WILL do this by 30th April 2021.

    Photo to come!

    Sara Siegwart April 13, 2021

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