How to choose the best reusable cloth nappy

There are many reasons why a parents delve into the initially intimidating world of reusable modern cloth nappies.

Perhaps you saw a cute fluffy bum on a friends bubba? Your mother used them on you as a kid? You’re looking to be more eco-conscious? You want save money and consider budget? Whatever your reason, Earthside Eco Bums has your very own nappy nerd here to support you on your journey in selecting the best reusable cloth nappy!

If you’ve joined me on an instore or virtual consult you would know that very quickly we can narrow what seems like an overwhelming amount on nappy options into just two or three that would be the best reusable cloth nappy choice for you. Plus, we've now launched a brand new, innovative cloth nappy design that combines the best of them all! So, you're in good hands. 

So how do you choose the best reusable cloth nappy?

There are a few things to consider before we even pick up a nappy… 

First of all, take a breath! Your initial purchase doesn’t have to be the ‘be all to end all!’ We aren’t looking to be perfect with the absolutely best reusable cloth nappy from the beginning. However, we will certainly try!

Let’s start this journey slow and explore a few areas which will very quickly calm the anxiety within…

There are many reasons to get into reusable cloth nappies and this will determine which is the best reusable cloth nappy for you:

1. Environmental. You’ve heard the facts, you’re freaking out about the trees and wondering what kind of world your bringing you child into if EVERY day alone there are 3.75 million disposable nappies heading into landfill! With each taking 400 years to ‘break down’ not decompose! You start to wonder if any of this is making its way back into the food chain!

2. Convenience. Heard of the pooplosion? Wondering how you’re going to dispose of all those poop filled festering plastic nappies? Despite what you may have heard from the ‘olden days’ reusable cloth nappies are the best option as they contain more, are easier to use and dispose of poo-poo in a non-stinky way.

3. Budget. Hands down, it’s a no brainer! Reusable cloth nappies are far cheaper than disposables. When choosing the best reusable cloth nappy for your family it’s important to consider how much you want to spend on your investment. Investment? Yes! I say investment because choosing the best cloth nappy for you WILL bring some return when you sell them after you’re done!

4. Health. Cloth nappies are made from mostly organic, chemical free, NATURAL materials! I don’t know about you but I know what I’d like (or what I don’t like) rubbing against my babies sensitive skin! This is something to take into consideration when choosing the best cloth nappy for you as some materials are better for different skin types.

After considering these options the next step is to choose which ‘type’ of reusable cloth nappy is the best choice for you. There are so many different types of cloth nappies in the market, such as:

  1. Side snapping
  2. Front rise snapping
  3. All in One and All in Two
  4. Snap closure or Velcro
  5. Pocket
  6. No pocket
  7. Newborn
  8. OSFM

Remove the stress by choosing our One Size Fits Most design, suitable for newborns through to toilet training toddlers, meaning that you don't have to continually upgrade your nappy type as your bub grows!

Once you’ve decided on the type of nappy you’re looking for we would then discuss budget as this determines how many you need. It’s as simple as me asking you how YOU would like to use your reusable cloth nappies:

  • Casual use
  • Part time use
  • Full time use

Then depending on how often you would like to wash them (more often = less nappies, less often = more nappies) determines how many you buy.

The beauty of having someone like me, your very own nappy nerd, in your life means that you can take the guesswork out of choosing the very best reusable cloth nappy and trust in the journey that I take you on. Check out our free Cloth Concierge to see the huge range of free and easy consult options we offer.

There are many nappies to choose from. However, with Earthside Eco Bums supporting your reusable journey, it’s easy (and enjoyable) to find the best reusable cloth nappy for you!


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