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Our Brand Partners are responsible for sharing the Earthside Eco Bums love on social media, through eye catching and inspiring photos and videos. 

In exchange, we offer some seriously good discounts AND a kick-back for EVERY SALE YOU BRING US. Seriously! 

Our Brand Partner Search is currently underway!  


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Exclusive (and impressive) discounts go to our Brand Partners! 


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All Brand Partners will gain access to our group where we share weekly inspo and instructions to follow to help you gain more sales and earn more!


Well, isn't that just the icing 
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Each Brand Rep earns a kick-back for EVERY. SINGLE. SALE. made! 


🌟 Its quite simple, for every sale you generate you EARN MONEY using your custom code!

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Earthside Eco Bums, we're commited...

Fast shipping
Getting what YOU need,  to your door as fast as we can!
Support 24/7
UNRIVELED support for those who are looking to make the switch and be the change!
Best quality
Leading Australian SUPER absorbent cloth nappies and QUALITY lifestyle products!

Supporting our community

Through a supported journey...

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Sustaining Sustainability... with Brand Partners! 


How much does a Brand Partner make?

Your earnings as a brand partner are boundless, directly tied to the sales you generate. The more you sell, the greater your rewards – sky's the limit!

How do I generate sales?

Start by tapping into your network – reach out to friends and family! They're your initial support system and a great source for your first affiliate sales. Share your excitement about your new affiliate venture, express your passion for the brand, and offer them the chance to support you by using your discount code. It's a win-win situation!

What is. Brand Partner?

As a brand partner, your aim is to drive sales using your personalised discount code. With each purchase made using your code, you earn a commission – it's all about maximising sales to maximise earnings, with zero expenses for you! Easy peasy!

What if people ask about using cloth?

Oh that's easy. If you dont know the answer to anything, lead the way to out 'Cloth Concierge' there, they will receive support for any query!

How do I maximise sales?

Maximising sales is all about promoting your affiliate code effectively. Share it frequently without being pushy – whether it's in your posts or responses to DMs. Make your followers feel special by offering exclusive discounts, nudging them towards making a purchase. And don't hesitate to follow up with potential buyers if they haven't used your code yet – often, a simple answer to their questions is all it takes to seal the deal. Keep those FAQs handy – they might just be your ticket to closing the sale!

How do I share my code?

Sharing your brand partner discount code is the key to unlocking earning potential. Whether it's through social media posts, direct messages, or conversations with friends and family, spread the word enthusiastically but authentically. Highlight the value of the products and the benefits of using your code, making your audience feel special with exclusive offers. Consistent promotion and genuine engagement will pave the way to increased sales and, ultimately, more money in your pocket.

Do I need to know anything about the Brand?

To succeed as an affiliate, knowing your brand inside out is crucial. Potential customers often have questions about shipping times, product quality, origins, and specifics like sizing and colors. Being able to address these queries seamlessly boosts your credibility and converts more sales. Fortunately, most brands provide this information in their FAQs or help centers, making it easily accessible for you to become an informed advocate for the products you promote. If in doubt, reach out to Earthside!

Do I have to be an expert in cloth nappies?

No, you don't need to be an expert in cloth nappies. Earthside Eco Bums offers a range of other products such as Sand free towels, Wet Bags, Picnic mats, reusable period pads and more. You can focus on promoting these products instead.

I want to be an EEB Brand Partner!