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We clear the fuzz in three simple steps to give you the confidence to make the change to a healthier, more sustainable life for you and your family. Let's talk Nappy Type, Size and Number of Nappies!

The best benefits


Put simply, there are 3 activities your baby is going to do whilst requiring a nappy...being Earthside on dry land, in the water and sleeping! We have a cloth nappy suited to each of these activities. In our online shop you will find 3 easy categories to choose from:

  • OSFM: This stands for One Size Fits Most. One nappy, designed to grow with your baby to fit from Birth through to Toilet Training. Light, functional and easy to use.

  • Swim Nappies: These are specially designed resuable nappies that can be worn by your bub when swimming. No need for absorbency here as the aim is to catch the ‘woopsies’ when in water play. An integral part to your babies clothing needs.

  • Night Options: Coming into play once your babe starts sleeping through the night, these specially designed nappies have higher absorbency that is required to get through the long nights. Our OSFM are amazing and can also be used for nights with added boosting!

    You may have seen and heard of additional styles on other websites and wonder why we just have the one OSFM? Well, we save you the hassle of choosing from an overwhelming number of nappy types by designing and manufacturing our own OSFM that combines the best of the lot. Yes, only one nappy required!

    So now you have a clear idea on what to choose from, let's move on to help you work out what size you need.

    So, we spoke previously about the 3 types of nappies to consider for your cloth stash. The question about nappy size is a big one and is one of the most frequently asked questions. Ready for the good news? Every nappy in our day to day OSFM and Swim Nappy Collections is suitable for babies from birth through to toilet training. Problem solved!

    But how can one size fit most?? Cleverly designed snaps! We can't have you buying new nappies at the same rate you have to buy new baby clothes, it's too expensive. Our innovative side snapping one size fits most caters to babies from birth through to toilet training via adjustable closure. Say goodbye to those fiddly rise snaps! Side snapping means ANYONE can change bub with ease and autonomy meaning that you get the perfect fit right from the start! See our leading nappy design in detail here.

    What about night nappy options? By the time you are adding night nappies to your stash, your bub is generally at least 6 months old. This means that you can confidently shop night nappies by weight. Simply browse our night options collection, find a print you like and select the size by your bubs weight in kilo's. You'll even find some funky one size fits most night options, making it even easier to add to your stash!

    A lot of our new customers lack confidence with choosing the nappy size, so if you are feeling unsure, you don't have to guess - use our free Cloth Concierge to get your extra questions answered.


    The golden question that hurts the head of many cloth mums to be! The number of nappies you need in your stash all comes down to the age of your baby, how often you wish to wash and if you want to use cloth full time, part time or casually (yes, you can start with a select few in conjunction with disposables while you find your feet!).

    The easiest way to work out exactly what you need in your stash is to consider 3 things:

  • Age of your baby: For example, a newborn requires more nappy changes than an older baby.

  • How often you want to wash: The more nappies you have, the less often you need to wash to have fresh nappies available.

  • How often you want to use cloth: This could be casually, part time or full time - there is no one right answer, it's what suits you.

    As a rough guide, washing every 2-3 days you'll need 25-30 nappies for full time use and 12-15 for part time use, Remove the guesswork and book a free chat via our free online Cloth Concierge.

    Browse our 3 simple nappy categories, choose your print and select your quantity - we'll have your cloth nappy kit to you in no time!