Does Sustainability have a place at Christmas?

Well, Does Sustainability have a place at Christmas?
HELL YES! - Noe that's the right answer.
Over here at Earthside Eco Bums we aren't just about cloth nappies and babies. We are about supporting you during times of need. When it comes to Christmas we all want to do our part and with the our communities growth in sustainability awareness it's time we support your need and want for a more sustainable Christmas!
So here it is, our top 10 tips for how you can easily switch a few things over to have them last a lifetime in a good way!


🌟 C H R I S T M A S - T I P - # 1 🌟


In the past I’ve definitely fallen victim to the whole ‘panic buy’. It can be tempting to panic buy presents, particularly when we simply don't know what to choose.

So now I’m aiming to avoid buying too much stuff that will end up being thrown out or unused. Instead, I’m aiming to make every gift count by purchasing things with value, purpose and meaning.


Examples include:


 reusable sand which bags (minis!!!)

 Solar powered phone charger (handy!)

 Keep cups!

 Reusable straws, wraps, you name it!

 Water bottle. Sounds simple but we all need a few!

 Wooden Toys

 Recycled goods. I love my wine bottle platter!!


Not only is this kinder to our planet, it means the receiver will find joy in the gift long after the decorations have come down.


Let’s also not forget most of these gifts support local small business!



🌟 C H R I S T M A S - T I P - # 2 🌟


Give your local shops and markets some love this Christmas  As well as supporting independent businesses, you're likely to find unique, longer lasting gifts!


With our community push for sustainability, local/small biz put more love and care into their products which are more likely to focus on producing something reusable, long lasting and unique!


We also can’t forget that supporting small businesses helps boost a strong, sustainable local economy 


Win win win!


🌟 C H R I S T M A S - T I P - # 3 🌟


Hang on, wait... WHAT? 


Another great way to cut down on waste and unnecessary gifts is to choose one big present instead of many smaller gifts which end up being forgotten about.


Still confused? 


Here’s an idea! Secret Santa is an excellent substitute as it means you can put time and thought into one larger present.


This is something my family have been doing for the past 3 years now. Instead of spending huge amounts of  on unwanted often discarded/unused gifts, we have a higher amount dedicated to one person which is allocated through a Secret Santa set up!


It’s easy too, there are MANY online pages that you simply enter emails into and away you go! Or pull a name out of a hat! Up to you!


Choosing to gift less presents will also ensure people don't end up with lots of little ones they don't need.


PLUS it means we don’t have to rush back to the crazy shops to exchange our goodies 


Why not give it a go??


🎁 C H R I S T M A S - T I P - # 4  🎁



In Australia alone it’s estimated that 8,000 TONNES of wrapping paper is used each year, the equivalent of approximately 50,000 TREES! We can’t keep up this level of waste. Wrapping paper, cards with glitter, foil and other microplastics can’t be recycled. They simply enter our ecosystems...


This year, let’s encourage ourselves to avoid sticky tape, ribbons and paper covered in glitter and think of more sustainable alternatives.


Switching to more eco-friendly paper alternatives will help to minimise the high levels of waste produced at this time of year. Here’s some ideas...


Use recyclable wrapping paper

Use last year’s Christmas cards as tags

Use (non-lined) brown paper and twine with a few twigs of eucalyptus tucked into the string – sustainable and beautiful!

Use fabric to wrap gifts

How handy are wet bags? Throw some natural twine around it and you have a gorgeous, reusable, sustainable way to wrap a gift!


Whatever you choose, it’s always in our power to make a difference.


🎄 T H E - T R E E ! 🎄


Renting a Christmas tree locally is one of the kindest things you can do for the planet, as each tree gets replanted at the end of the festive season. I’ve seen this done before and is gaining more traction as it becomes more popular!


last year I brought a Christmas tree in a pot from my local Bunnings. I had it inside smelling beautiful, decorated with my favourite baubles and after the season came to a close it went outside to rejuvenate and grow!


Guess what I’m using this year?! 


I remember my Aunty used to have one planted outside her front door and she used to decorate it every year, it was so beautiful!



🥗 F O O D 🥗


When food shopping, try and choose things that are light on packaging, or buy loose items. Not only are these items lighter on waste but they’re cheaper too!


If you end up over-catering, don't just bin what's left. Transforming leftovers can be a great way to create new meals, save money and cut waste. Not to mention all the awesome cooking shows that come out post Xmas with great idea!


Do you have any great leftover ideas? 


🎀 E C O - F R I E N D L Y - C R A C K E R S 🎀


I love these. Safe to say it’s one of my favourite things about Christmas lunch! Who doesn’t love sitting down next to a loved ones and cracking open a ‘bon-bon’  and let’s face it, we only come for the jokes! Haha


Honestly though, some are made from natural linen and even allow you to add your own personalised gifts. These are great eco-friendly Christmas decorations for the lunch table.


So why no start collecting those Dad jokes and add a nice ‘eco-friendly’ touch to your crackers! 




 🌿 C H R I S T M A S - W R E A T H  🌿



Wreaths are no doubt a beautiful Christmas decoration but some that are more eco-friendly than others.


There are some simple ways we can turn this often plastic filled item into a natural BEAUTY!


Avoid wreaths covered with plastic accessories and glittery decorations. Not only are these made using non-sustainable materials, but they can be harmful for birds and wildlife if hung up outside.


Go for a real, fresh wreath made using seasonal, natural foliage and decorations.


Even better! Make your own out of fabric that will last year after year.


So many options...


🔋 B A T T E R Y - F R E E 🔋


Give ‘battery-free’ gifts! - An easy one!


According to the consumerist actions, about 40% of all battery sales occur during the holiday season.


Discarded batteries are an environmental hazard. Even rechargeable batteries find their way into the waste stream eventually.


Here are a few examples of gifts that have less of an impact on the environment:


 Wooden Toys


 Craft kits

 Play Mats


 Outdoor toys

 A trip to the zoo

 Movie tickets


The list goes on!


🎀 D E C O R A T I O M S 🎀


Decorations made from recycled wood, fabric and glass make great alternatives to plastic or PVC options that are non-recyclable.


When choosing decorations, we'd recommend opting for classic designs that will be loved for years, as opposed to trend pieces that you'll be tired of by next Christmas.


I started a trend in my family about 12 years ago now. Every year has a specific tree bauble that depicts the year that was. I love it because every year when we get together to put up the tree we reminisce about the good times we've had and reflect on what we're truly grateful for.



So there you have it. It’s a mad world out there, we know. Hopefully there’s enough here to get you started in thinking about how you can lighten your own footprint this year and give gifts that keep our beautiful world beautiful.

After all, what’s Christmas really about? Sometimes it’s even nice just to reflect on that question for a e breaths…


Merry Christmas all!!!

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