Does size matter?

Yes, it's true - it's a cloth minefield out there. There is an overwhelmingly large range of nappy types and sizes to choose from and size of course does matter, as getting the right fit on your bub will make or break your experience.

That being said, you've come to the right place! At Earthside Eco Bums we save you the hassle of choosing from an overwhelming number of nappy types by designing and manufacturing our own One Size Fits Most nappy (and swim nappy) that suits your bub from birth through to toilet training.

Yes, only one nappy required!

But how can one size fit most??

Through cleverly designed snaps!

Say goodbye to those fiddly rise snaps that are features of many cloth nappies in the market! Side snapping means that not only ANYONE can change bub with ease and autonomy meaning, you'll get the perfect fit right from the start!

A lot of our new customers lack confidence with choosing the nappy size, so if you are feeling unsure, you don't have to guess - use our free Cloth Concierge to get your extra questions answered.

Excited that you only need one type of nappy? Shop our One Size Fits Most range and choose from a beautiful selection of limited edition artist prints.


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