Tooshie to Clothesline in 4 Easy Steps

Myth (BUSTED!) - are cloth nappies really that hard to clean? Absolutely not! All you need is an easy to follow wash routine. We've broken it down into 4 easy steps that will reduce smells AND reduce the amount of washing you even need to do.

How to clean cloth nappies

  1. Remove solidsTake the nappy to the toilet, roll off any solids and flush.  
  2. Add to dry pail: Quickly rinse the soiled nappy in the laundry sink and add it to your dry pail (a.k.a the fancy name for a bucket with holes!).
  3. Rinse & wash: At the end of each day (or start of each morning), simply throw the day's nappies in the machine and run a quick pre-rinse cycle - returning the rinsed nappies back to the dry pail. When you have enough nappies for a load, complete your main wash.
  4. Dry: Line dry Inserts for best results (or tumble dry according to the manufacturers instructions). Always line dry covers (or use an airing rack inside), as tumble dryers can affect the PUL water resistant layer and elastic integrity of the nappy cover.

    Read more about picking a dry pail, washing guidelines and our most popular FAQ's in our DIY Guide to Cleaning Cloth Nappies.

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