Safe-T-Bottle Glass Baby Bottle


Safe-T-Bottle Baby Bottle is made from laboratory-grade shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and is 100% BPA and phthalate free. Easy to sterilise, it can be safely boiled, steamed or microwaved and will not leach any chemicals.

The Safe-T-Bottle Glass Baby Bottle comes with a slow flow peristaltic teat that provides a more natural feeding experience and minimises colic.

Borosilicate glass has a smoother surface and is easier to sterilise

  • Can withstand high temperatures (up to 500ºC)
  • Shatter-resistant: will crack or snap in case of breakage, making it safer and easier to clean up
  • Measurements are etched into the bottle: no toxic inks, no fading
  • Comes with a BPA-free slow flow silicone teat and cap
  • Spare teatsare available in three flow speeds (Slow, Medium, Fast)

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