Reusable Breast Pads


Our luxuriously soft breast pads are naturally absorbent and gentle on your sensitive skin.

Available to purchase as a single set or take advantage of the Earthside Eco Bums Breast Pad 3 pack as the perfect starter pack or gift!


What are the benefits of reusable breast pads?

  • Super Absorbent! - Made from the same super absorbent bamboo we use in our cloth nappy inserts.

  • Save Money! - Minimal waste means more in your back pocket.

  • No waste!  

  • Prevent nipple chafe! 

  • Prevent leaks! - Our soft waterproof outer layer ensures you stay dry and your nipples comfy.

  • Super soft for sensitive nipples

  • Perfect baby shower gift!


If you were using disposables, the answer would be MANY! The best part about reusable breast pads? They are machine washable! We reccomend at least 6 sets. However, 12 sets allows for those lazy washing days.

The beauty of reusable breast pads is that they're well, reusable! You are able to wash and reuse your breast pads over and over again simply by washing with the general laundry! 

We reccomend using a wash-bag (just so they don't get lost in the wash) or they can be washed alongside your cloth nappies. Easy-peasy!

Breast Pads should not be washed over 50deg. You can use the dryer if you wish on low or delicate setting. Line drying in direct sunlight with the soft absorbent fabric facing upwards is best. 

To avoid misshaping, stretch out when you pull them from your wash. 

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