'Nangari- To Sleep' Premium Double Pocket Wet Bag


A reflection of our Baby’s precious sleep. Showing the many meeting places during our babies day and their adventures. Scattered around these paths are symbols of ‘boy’ & ‘girl’ busily discovering their world. Footprints lead up to the sky transitioning between day and night, the waking and the rest. The stars represent three things:

  1. The ‘Sleep period’ of a child and the little dreams they have as they doze in the safety of their parents arms
  2. The ‘Dreamtime’, the creation of all living things and all beings
  3. ‘Our Ancestors’, who watch from above and care for the little ones as they grow and learn.

Representing Purity, Innocence and Love.

An absolutely ESSENTIAL accessory that makes it stress-free for you to use cloth nappies when you're out and about, our Double Pocket Premium Wet Bags are double lined to offer water resistant (and smell resistant) storage for up to 8 x modern cloth nappies.

    Not only are our premium wet bags incredibly functional, they’ve been designed for the modern family to use every day with ease, especially when it comes to our innovative handle design!

    The simple snap system handles allow for 3 versatile interchangeable positions:

    • Double straps can be attached easily to ANY pram or change table
    • Easy hold double strap for a fast ‘Grab-and-Go’
    • Long over-the-shoulder handle for those days when you just NEED another set of hands!
    • Unrivalled & innovative three-way snap handle system.
    • Generously sized at 40cm x 35cm to fit 8 x Earthside Eco Bums modern cloth nappies.
    • Two completely separate compartments for wet/soiled & dry/clean use.
    • Featuring our eye-catching, limited edition artist prints.
    • Made from high quality waterproof PUL lining.
    • Durable zip closures on each pocket, efficiently containing wet and smells.
    • Hand-designed in the South West of Western Australia.
    Super handy and convenient beyond measure, our Premium Double Pocket Wet Bags are double lined to offer water resistant (and smell resistant) storage. Not just for use with modern cloth nappies, our Premium Double Pocket Wet Bags are perfect for beach days, swimming lessons, school library bags, travel organisation, day care, outings… the list goes on! Double-pocketed for convenience, each wet bag allows parents to store in separate pockets their dry and wet items, or soiled and clean if you will.

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