'Space Explor-ROAR' OSFM Reusable Swim Nappy


Why can’t Dinosaurs fly through space?! Evoking endless imagination this magical print encourages us to bring that creative side back to life with endless possibilities and courage to be who we want to be in this world! Thinking BIG, reaching for the stars just as fearless as a Dinosaur! ROAR!!!

Using disposable nappies on your baby when they are swimming is costly to you and the environment. Not only are Earthside Eco Bums swim nappies reusable, washable and environmentally sustainable, they are a simple to use, one-size design for newborns right through to toilet training toddlers. Our reusable and washable swim nappies WILL save you money and excess waste!

    • OSFM (one size fits most) designed to fit from 4-14kg newborn right through to toilet training!
    • 100% PUL cloth fabric outer shell. That is both breathable AND waterproof thanks to the fabrics unique fibre structure.
    • Snug fitting to contain solids and pass liquids.
    • Super soft nylon mesh inner provides comfort and is fast drying!
    • 3 size adjustments at the front allowing for tailored fit and a great seal!
    • Quality leg gussets safely contain number two's, while allowing for water and urine to flow through. 
    • Easy to clean. Simply dispose of solids, throw it into the warm wash and off you go!
    • Hand-designed in the South West of Western Australia.
    • Featuring our eye-catching, limited edition artist prints.

    Learning to swim is part of our growing culture, especially when living in Australia!

    We don’t know about you, but we can’t stand the sight of disposable swim nappies. Those ghastly things are ugly, inefficient and do damage to both your wallet AND the environment. 

    Not only are Earthside Eco Bums swim nappies reusable and environmentally sustainable, they are simple to use and economical. Allowing you to relax and enjoy your precious Babe in the water having confidence that you child is protected without worrying about embarrassing accidents!

    Tip: Add a booster while dry and out of the water to contain all between swims.

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