So... are we going to be joining in on all the madness?


Hello my lovely Earthside people! 


I’ve definitely had a few emails asking about upcoming sales so I thought best to explain a little about why I do things differently to most here at EEB...


Generally speaking, I do not take part in Click Frenzy, Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and this year is no exception. This choice reflects a blend of my core values and practical business considerations.


I don’t believe that constant sales support a vibrant and resilient business community.


I recognise that sometimes going on sale is a necessary thing, but constant ‘Sales’ conditions us all to believe that paying less is the norm, not a special thing; we stop valuing what we buy, and stop looking after it - replacing it rather than repairing or caring for it. The quick hit, rather than the long term relationship.


So for those of you considering a purchase from EEB, do it knowing that I won’t be participating in the sales. And for those looking for a deal, our fabulous ‘bundles’ offer great value on our best selling products.


Remember also, you can always reach out to me with your wish lists where I am always more than happy to bundle up products and make it work best for YOU! Cloth nappies, swim nappies, picnic mats, play mats, wet bags, YOU NAME IT! I can have these working for you and your lifestyle. 


As always, I thank you, our lovely Earthside community for your continual support.


If you have any questions please reach out. I am here to help. 


Sara - Cloth Nappy Nerd and Owner of this little sustainable Biz 😎


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